Friday October 17th
LKSC 120

Carlos Lopez 
Department of Medicine
Vanderbilt University

Title: Exploring How Cells Commit to Apoptotic or Necrotic Cell-Death

Friday September 5th
11:00 am - 12:00pm
LKSC 120

Adam Margolin
Oregon H&S University

Title: Inferring Molecular Predictors of Cancer Phenotypes From High Throughput Genomics Data

Friday June 20th
Alway Building, Room M114

Calvin Kuo
Division of Hematology
Stanford University

Title: Modeling Gastrointestinal Cancer in Organoid Cultures

Friday May 16th
LKSC 120

John Albeck
Molecular & Cellular Biology
University of California at Davis

Title: Linking the dynamics of kinase, transcriptional, and metabolic networks in single cells

Friday April 11th
Alway Building, Room M114

Andrea Bild
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
University of Utah

Title: Genomic Biomakers of Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Friday March 14th
Alway Building, Room M114

W. Evan Johnson
Computational Biomedicine
Boston University

Title: Adaptive models for assessing drug sensitivity and pathway activation in individual patient samples

Friday February 21st
LKC 101

Ryan Morin
Simon Fraser University

Title: Retrospective and Prospective Views of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Tumour Evolution

2014 Seminar Series