Friday October 17th
LKSC 120

Carlos Lopez, PhD
Department of Medicine
Vanderbilt University

Title: Exploring How Cells Commit to Apoptotic or Necrotic Cell-Death

Friday September 5th
11:00 am - 12:00pm
LKSC 120

Adam Margolin
Oregon H&S University

Title: Inferring Molecular Predictors of Cancer Phenotypes From High Throughput Genomics Data

Friday June 20th
Alway Building, Room M114

Calvin Kuo, PhD
Division of Hematology
Stanford University

Title: Modeling Gastrointestinal Cancer in Organoid Cultures

Friday May 16th
LKSC 120

John Albeck, PhD
Molecular & Cellular Biology
University of California at Davis

Title: Linking the dynamics of kinase, transcriptional, and metabolic networks in single cells

Friday April 11th
Alway Building, Room M114

Andrea Bild, PhD
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
University of Utah

Title: Genomic Biomakers of Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Friday March 14th
Alway Building, Room M114

W. Evan Johnson, PhD
Computational Biomedicine
Boston University

Title: Adaptive models for assessing drug sensitivity and pathway activation in individual patient samples

Friday February 21st
LKC 101

Ryan Morin, PhD
Simon Fraser University

Title: Retrospective and Prospective Views of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Tumour Evolution